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Email Marketing

Email Marketing 101

Target current clients
While email marketing can generate new customers, it’s primarily a tool fro driving business with existing clients. Email outreach is an excellent way to stay top-of-mind and spark promotional ideas in the minds of buyers. Most significantly, it’s great for driving target buyers to your website, where value-adding content can interest them in contacting you.

Keep the tone conversational
Write emails as if you are addressing a specific individual. Emails that sound like they’re crafted as a blast often are less attractive. The more conversational they are the more engagement you get.

Go easy on design
Email marketing with a bunch of graphics, colors, and other busy content may look appealing to you. But the reality is that all those bells and whistles make it harder to read the email and more difficult to load on mobile phones. Balance is always best. A balance of text and images in the body. Experiment with what works and avoid graphic overload.

Segment your list
Analyze your client roster and group similar types of customers together. Then create marketing emails with content that appeals to the different groups, knowing that tips, tricks and best practices specific to segment tend to perform best. Say for example, that you have a number of manufacturers among your clientele. Send an email with a link to a blog in which you discuss how manufacturers can better promote adherence to safety procedures among workers. House the blog on your website. Good content comes from understanding your audiences and what they find valuable.

Be Conscise and Catchy
Of course, just sending links with no explanation won’t do; you need to contextualize the content. Include teaser text in the email body – text that captures prospects interst, makeing them want to learn more by clicking the link, which should come with a call to action like “read more”. In-body text should be no longer than a couple paragraphs, and should feature standout headlines and attention-snaring first and last sentences.

Always be testing
Try sending emails on different days and at various times. Go with an array of subject lines. Mix up the type of content you provide. As you do this, monitor which approaches drive the most engagement. Then replicate them, always evaluating results to see if the efficacy wanes, grows or remains consistent. You may be surprised by what works.

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